Rachel Logan Interview with Jimi Bell on Rachel's Rock Refuge (UK)

Jimi Bell ... "What an incredible interview I had with Rachel Logan last night. We found out we had a lot of similarities at a young age pursuing our careers, plus we're both lefties!! Lol. It was a total blast!!! Looking forward to the next one."

Rachel’s Rock Refuge airs on Tuesday nights at 7pm, here on ARfm.co.uk.!

* Get ready for quite a show on today's Rachel's Rock Refuge!

Jimi Bell of House Of Lords will be my guest for all of Hour 2!

* We have so much to talk about: His appearance in a certain 80's movie, his wild audition for Ozzy, to joining House Of Lords and the highs and lows of fame.. and of course, House Of Lords will be the featured band on the Triple Play. 🤘🏼

* Please join me on the radio today/tonight at 11am West, 2pm East, and 7pm U.K. on 97 Underground.com and on ARfm.co.uk.

ARfm - Rachel's Rock Refuge

* Rachel Logan comes to us from the U.S.A. and has been been a professional air talent (presenter) for over 12 years in the States of Georgia, Florida and Maryland. Having talked to radio audiences and played the hits in the genres of Classic Rock, Pop, Country and Adult Contemporary,

* Rachel has entertained audiences with her style, personality, wit, and creativity. But it’s her love and passion for the rock genre of music, specifically Hair Metal and Melodic Rock, that bring her show, ‘Rachel’s Rock Refuge’ to ARfm.

* Created, produced and hosted by Logan, the show features the finest in Melodic Rock, Hair Metal and AOR from around the globe and you can expect stories, humor, artist info and killer interviews! * We’re excited and proud to bring this 2 hour rock sensation directly to our amazing U.K. audience. * Rachel’s Rock Refuge airs on Tuesday nights at 7pm, here on ARfm!

(Then later on Rockbarradio.com at 6pm West, 9pm East USA times. See you soon on The Refuge!)

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