Radio & Internet Interviews

Ni Rocks on Friday NI Rocks Show (UK) interview with Jimi Bell (Fri.05.APr.2017)

House of Lords Guitarist Jimi Bell Interview  with Matt Herring on 535 The Official Stryper Podcast  | March.2017

Link to MARCH 2017 Podcast  (

House of Lords Bassist Chris Tristram | on the Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show with Andrew Axeman  Thu-09-Mar.2017

House of Lords Bassist Chris Tristram | Phone-In Interview on Heavy Metal Hour with Brian "Fishman" Fish's  on his Podcast.  03-Mar.2017

Brian'Fishman' Fish's Podcast - Interview with Chris Tristram of House Of Lords
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Past Interviews:

James Christian of House of Lords talks to David Randall of Get Ready To Rock Show  about his music. | 2012

Get Ready To Rock - 2012 - Interviews James Christian (House Of Lords)
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The Interview Archives Show:

(with Jimi Bell) 11-Feb-2007

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